This is an online shop of our premium business club (IMI B2B platform), which acts as a professional environment for all businesses (suppliers, buyers and professionals) in the fields of ICT Hardware, Instruments, Tools & Equipment … They exchange experiences and business interests, using on the platform the highest professional level of interaction tools.

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The informed buyer does not go directly to the purchase without an in-depth study, so as not to be exposed to risks that affect the damage to his systems. Consultants say that the purchase decision has a methodology and stages of work, and that 90% of the effort is done by the buyer before being contacted by the appropriate supplier

These stages, which represent 90% of the purchase decision, we provide it to the buyer with their tools with high our experience on our main website (IMI Consultant) … Now we recommend you, dear member, to benefit from it, and visit our main website pages and learn about them in detail …


Our Company “IMI Consultant”, is a consultative institution in the field of management and business development, provides online services to its members in MENA region through the Internet. Its effectiveness was launched by Eng. Mahmoud Sharqa in 2022 through (http://www.imiconsultant.com) and the blog (http://www.imiconsultant.com/blog) and this online shop … We aim to provide our services to all business establishments of any size and in any business area … We have taken upon ourselves to collect the sources of supply of ICT Hardware, Instruments, Tools & Equipment, and provide them to all those who seek it from the facilities of MENA Region, through a research and dealing system with the latest mechanisms followed by the world now … 


Hello Users of this Online Shop for ICT Hardware, Instruments, Tools & Equipment

Our main goal is to help businesses to improve performance, So generate added value , And then increase return on investment … The best service to achieve this, is to help them to make the right decision of choosing the ICT Hardware, Instruments, Tools & Equipment on which they build their business systems … It is recognized that …